How It Works

VinDeals is the best online tool for getting the lowest possible price/payment on the vehicle you want to buy.

As with any tool, to get the most out of VinDeals, you need use it in the right way, and at the right time.


Do your homework. Read car reviews about the car. Take test drives. You have to be sure the car drives the way you like. Ask salespeople for their valuable insights. Get some price/payment estimates.

When you know what you want to buy and how much you're willing to pay, it's time for VinDeals.


Go through a simple and quick registration process. Your personal information won't be disclosed to any salespeople until the deal that matches your requirements is ready.


Enter exact information about the vehicle you want to buy: model, year, trim package and your color preferences.


Set two numbers:

  • The maximum - is the absolute maximum price you're willing to pay for the car you want.
  • Starting Point - this is the number we use as the starting point for your negotiation.

In general, you'll know the result of your negotiation was successful when the final price offered by the salesman is lower than the maximum price you wanted to pay. Or unsuccessful if that number appears to be higher. And that's one of the benefits of using VinDeals - you'll never be forced to pay more than you planned unless you decide to do it yourself.


We will do a preauthorization on your Credit Card for $250 as a security deposit for a period of one week. Securing you price offer with a refundable deposit sends salespeople a strong signal that they're competing not for a "maybe" customer, but for a "ready-to-make-a-decision" customer. They can see what exactly you want to buy, and what you're willing to pay. Now it's up to them to make the best offer they can to earn your business. And they'll try hard to do it, because you've provided a deposit and they know you'll come to them if their price is the lowest.


When you submit your price offer, it becomes available to all salespeople in your area. The price offer starts to change dynamically, from the minimum to a maximum price. Salespeople who choose to follow your offer are just waiting until the number reaches a level that works for them. But the longer they wait, the higher the chances that someone else will accept your offer. You can be sure that the price you get will be the best one available at the moment.


The salesperson who accepts your lowest-price offer will receive your contact information. All you need to do is agree on the best time for both of you to meet and finalize the deal. And that's it. You get the car you want, for the price you want.

Car negotiation has never been that easy.